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Welcome to Battle Sports Science. Where the fiercest measure of style meets an unparalleled level of Scientific precision, creating a brand of sporting clothing and equipment worth screaming about.

At Battle Sports Science we are dedicated to developing new, patented technologies which enhance not only the overall safety of modern sport but the players’ performance capabilities. This is done through vigorous testing and research, coupled with an inherent passion for being the best of the very best.

The beautiful thing about the Battle Sports Science is that you don’t have to be a seasoned professional to wear our colours, but if you want to make it to the top, it will certainly help. Our clothing & equipment is performance enhancing and aesthetically appealing – so, not only can you gain that competitive edge over your opponents, but you’ll be doing so with an enviable streak of style and swagger.

It doesn’t matter what your addiction is, we’ll help you fuel it to the highest degree. We’re passionate about sports in general, so whether it’s American Football, Cricket, Ice Hockey or MMA, we’ll make sure that you have all the sports protection equipment that you need to inspire you with the confidence to triumph over your foes, absent even the faintest slither of doubt.  

Competitive sports are a whole lot of fun, but there’s no denying that once you set foot on the field, it’s all-out war! And you wouldn’t want to step out onto the battlefield without the appropriate level of protection, would you?

Gear up and flare those fangs! Strike fear into the hearts of your opponents and let them know that you’re not there for a friendly kick about – demonstrate to them that you turn up for nothing short of total victory.

Battle Sports Science – remember those three words, carry them with confidence in the knowledge that with every tackle you make, you’ve our full support, with every blow you receive, we’re on the receiving end with you and for every point, you score, we’re on the sidelines cheering you on. We are on your team and your safety and success are at the forefront of our priorities.

And when you’re not out on the field taking names; represent us. Our line of Battle clothing and apparel has all the juice you need. Take each step with confidence and feel the atmosphere change as you walk into a room. When you wear Battle clothing, people know that you’re an athlete and that demands respect – because, at their core, a true athlete is defined by the following 6 attributes: