Battle Mouthguards & Gum Shields
In the competitive sporting arena, the mouth guard is arguably one of the most important pieces of protective equipment, especially when there is physical contact involved. Contrary to popular belief, a mouth guard should be used for more than just boxing, karate or mixed martial arts – simply put, any sport where you’re at risk of receiving impactful blows such as rugby or hockey, a mouth guard can offer extra you extra protection. It’s one of those accessories which can fill you with confidence, in the knowledge that your teeth and tongue are encased in a protective mould. This can help to inspire bolder moves, pushing you to new heights that you may otherwise not have felt confident enough to reach.
In addition to that, a mouth guard gives you a great opportunity to customise your sporting appearance, and even strike fear into your opponents – simply put, if you’re running towards someone flaring one of our Fangs mouthpieces, you’re going to appear rather intimidating!. These custom moulded mouthguards are designed to be re-boiled several times until they make the perfect fit. The patent-pending Ever-Mold composite that we use offers an advanced mouth protection system that is unrivalled!

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